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I've had some great success, I've had plenty of failures and challenges, but the one thing I'd say anybody running the business is slow down and study, always keep learning. And learning is the key to opening a lot of doors.

My name is Chad Garner and my previous businesses, Crystal Carpets & Flooring company was in the business for about 28 years, and I just sold the business about a month ago.

The Crystal Carpet & Flooring story goes pretty deep. I was in a company called Crystal Steam Cleaning, and, you know, my partner had given up a little bit, didn't have this much ambition about it, and I was coincidentally getting carpet put in at the same time at my house.

And I said, "We could sell carpet!" I got into the business without even ever being in a flooring store and realized, man, this is tough, worked 18 hour days, six days a week.

And first year, "like how much money did I make?" Oh, you're 30,000 in the hole. And that could have been like three million at the time, like, well I'm in deep now.

I've got to swim, went through many years and hit some, some peaks, start doing good in some spots. And then create my own valleys.

But we had some great years. And I think it just got to the point that, you know, it's time to make more time for the family. It's time to go on a new adventure. And I just got it in my mind a few years back. I'm thinking about selling.

When we decided to list, Erik came in to shoot the video, and my big concern was, you know, how is it going to come across to the team?

And they had it all covered. It was nothing that drew a red flag up.

And I'm not good in front of the camera. But, you know, just having a conversation with these guys made it really easy.

The video was amazing. After it was produced and performed. I mean, I was like a superstar and I was really impressed.

It showed the company and told the story. Everything was handled very, very well.

When MidStreet got our paperwork and we got it all said and done, it went very smooth and very swiftly. It wasn't even half a year. It was, wow, wow. This is really here. So it happening quick. It's been cool.

I was really nervous to tell employees the business had sold, but it came with "congratulations," "wow, I'm happy for you. I'm glad that you've worked hard." And it seems to be excitement in the air. So that's a good thing.

I'm ready for some new adventures, and I'm just thankful for the experience I've had an excited about the experience ahead.

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