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RICHARD SHEVLIN: My first encounter with Scott, I was actually teaching at ACC, Alamance Community College, and Scott was second shift supervisor.

SCOTT COBB: So I got second shift. It started, but I was running late. The class was at night. So I to get to the classroom-- first meeting, ever. First time I've ever seen him.

RICHARD SHEVLIN: And I was like, where the hell have you been?

SCOTT COBB: And I said, we'll, you just worry about teaching the class. That was our very first meeting, and that was 28 years ago.

RICHARD SHEVLIN: From there we just gelled, even after that confrontation.

SCOTT COBB: But who knew that just the way things worked out, him and I ended up being partners? And it's been a real blessing for me.

RICHARD SHEVLIN: When we first made the decision to sell, emotionally, I was a freaking train wreck for six and a half, seven months. I was to a point where I was just going to put a "for sale" sign in the front yard to sell everything off to an auction and be done with it.

From my standpoint, it was pretty difficult for me to feel like I'm walking away because we are no longer partners in this business that we started. But now that it's over, I'm so glad that I didn't back out.

SCOTT COBB: Emotionally, I was happy.

If you're a machine shop owner and you're planning on selling your business, be prepared. It's going to be a pain. It's going to be a pain in the ass to do it. Selling your house is nothing. And that's a pain for most people. I would have hated to believe that we tried to handle that on our own, but MidStreet did a great job.

RICHARD SHEVLIN: When you start selling your business, my recommendation would be-- have everything about the company that you can at hand, legally, financially. Get your checklist. But once you make that decision, do not go back.

SCOTT COBB: If you're interested in selling your business, I would suggest, obviously, finding someone you can work with that you trust. It's just as important to me if I could find someone close by. I didn't want to work with someone out of state, that type of thing. I wanted to work with someone that was from the same area. We went online and found the people that we wanted to work with it. It just worked out for us. And I wouldn't have changed a thing. I would do it all over again.

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