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My name is John Brooks, former owner of Mill Tek Toll Grinders in Arden North Carolina.

At Mill Tek, primarily what we did was taking the catalyst that were rejects from gas fired coal fire plants, and new catalyst, crushing it, grinding it, and send it back to the manufacturer.

My first consultation with MidStreet, it was basically just to get to know one another. We built a relationship of trust on both sides. They wanted to do what was best for me. It wasn't a forced, you know, me going to them wanted to sell my business and then, “Oh, God, we got to get the contracts signed.” It wasn't any of that. This was a trust base on both sides and when I was ready, I was ready, and we signed the contract and we sold the business.

Once we listed business and got it out there, MidStreet ended up in inundated. They had, I believe it was like 80 potential buyers in the first 10 days. And painstakingly, it had to be for them, to go through each and every one of them and start weeding them out and bringing the cream to the top so to speak.

You don't know whether you go sell your business in a month, six months, year, year and a half, two. So confidentiality on selling the business is very important as owner. You have your employees, your customers, none of which you want to know this is going on. If a customer were find out, and your employees know when you're selling the business, now you're in a precarious situation. They don't know what the next owner is going to come in there and do. So, confidentiality is top and number one.

I can tell you, I was most comfortable with MidStreet. This is a very professional group. They guided me. This was just awesome. That's all I can say. If you got a grade from one to five, I would say they are ten star. They're off the chart. They're great.

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