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The Outer Banks of North Carolina, a highly desirable resort area. Filled with unspoiled beaches, beautiful homes, and activities for everyone. Every year over 7 million people visit the Outer Banks for their summer vacations. And in the heart of it all you'll find stop and shop.

When the term convenience store comes to mind, you don't envision this. A clean bright store filled with high quality merchandise that includes everything you'd need for a day on the beach. or just to finally remember your trip.

What I like to think about, when I think of this store is were a destination location, were we're a spot that somebody equates to their trip to the Outer Banks. So we're someplace that is the old country store, the old general store. But with a more modern Flair look and merchandise mix. They tell their kids or their friends, we gotta go to stop and shop. Because they have stuff nobody else has, or it's an experience for them that they don't find anywhere else. Speaker 1: Location is a huge part of stop and shop success

You can basically throw a football to the ocean from our store. We're in the middle of it all. Truly you cannot find a better location to have a business, It's, it’s right here.

Just steps from the Atlantic Ocean, the store itself is 73 hundred square feet on over an acre of prime real estate at the busiest intersection of Virginia Dare trail, also known as the Beach Road. Stop and shop is across from the busiest public beach access in the area. And with an immediate walking distance of six beachfront hotels, dozens of large vacation homes and the very popular Wright brothers National Monument and park.

People use this, this public beach access, not only because it has been updated and it's the lifeguard savings station. But because of the proximity to our store. And they know that they can get everything they want in our store. You name it, it's here, we're convenient, we’re fast and they're out the door having a great, great vacation.

The store benefits from several profit centers, retail, gourmet deli, beer and wine, bait-and-tackle, and gas. And while gas is part of their success, it's definitely not the primary focus. We are not a gas station, are we a convenience store. We really let the gasoline distributor manage our gasoline operations, so we have the time to focus on the inside sales.

To be able to use the gasoline logo, sign, as a loss leader to bring them in to fill up with their gasoline. They come into the store, and they go Oh my gosh! and then their cars parked out at our pumps for half an hour. Because they're in there shopping. The word convenience is in the name of our store only because we are a convenient location.

The beach store carries clothing, sandals, eye wear, jewelry, and a large selection of beach items. But don't expect to find the typical Beach store items here. Stop and shops focus is to achieve a unique product mix that keeps customers coming back year after year. And what's a markup percentage, that's consistently higher than the industry average. We want to have things, that customers don't find that may be mass merchants, or box merchants. Something that's unique, so when they're visiting the Outer Banks, they find something they can take home and remember their trip.

In fact the store has grown to become the largest area retailer of items such as reef sandals, and Costa Del Mar sunglasses. The Boar's Head Deli is second to none in the area and maintains a reputation as a destination eatery. Our staff and our deli rocks. And in the summer our deli rocks. The line usually is out the door and that is not an exaggeration.

With a full selection of Boar's Head meats, cheeses and sauces, plus fresh-baked breads, stop and shops deli is popular. And it shows they are the largest single store Boar's Head account on the Outer Banks. The beer and wine portion of the business is very strong.

Our beer volume has grown over the years for a lot of reasons. Probably the main reason we're sitting across the street from the ocean, pretty much guarantees us customers throughout the day in the summer. And they're on vacation, they're drinking a lot of beer. We have a great selection of beers and kegs. Our tag volume has grown over the years. And we now are the largest keg distributor on the Outer Banks.

All of that, is rounded out with a wide variety of wines ranging from around the world to local vintages. Well known for its world-class inshore and offshore fishing, bait and tackle are important staples of Outer Banks life. And the tackle shop has that covered.

With an experienced staff many of whom have worked in the charter fishing industry. The tackle shop is well known and has developed a loyal following. Detailed procedures have been put in place to keep the store running smoothly. And the highly skilled and experienced staff have been and will continue to be a very important key to the stores success.

We have really empowered our employees to help let them be a part of the business. And many of our employees have been with us 10 years. So they do feel that this business is partially their business.

all of this makes stop and shop more than a convenience store, deli or gas station. It's a destination, and experience, and a place that creates loyal customers.

It's 90 degrees outside and we got the reggae playing. And we got the people running around in bathing suits, and they're grabbing subs and beers, and all this stuff. It's an experience for them to come here

With sales climbing to five million dollars in gross profits of well over a million, stop and shop shows no signs of slowing down. While most businesses have struggled in the current economy, stop and shop sales have risen more than twelve percent. With its desirable location, strong revenue history, and proven track record in the market, stop and shop is a truly unique and attractive business opportunity. 

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