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Entrepreneurs John and Linda Lee grew alpha total services to become one of Eastern North Carolina's largest commercial refrigeration companies. After a competitor expressed interest in acquiring their company John and Linda contacted mid Street to discuss their options.

From the beginning mid Street actually had a good vetting process. Matching a buyer with, with the right company is essential. I truly believe that. And the buyer that we have, he's came in and actually took the bull by the horns and his ran with it, and it's done quite impressive.

I actually spent three years looking for the right size business in the right location of the country. What I was surprised at is some of these companies had such bad books. There was no way to value them. It was a lot of trust me or don't worry the owner takes all this money out of the business, but it's not on the books but you'll get all that. I heard that several times, also this one I purchased was very clean. And that also helped with the speed of acquisition.

Using MidStreet's controlled auction process, alpha attracted over two dozen qualified buyers. The increased competition helped secure a more desirable buyer, and nearly doubled the price received for their business.

I wanted to get everything that I could, that my business was worth out. And MidStreet came in and did everything that was promised. Met every single obligation from the  seller and the buyer. Answered every question worked long hard hours, so I would highly recommend MidStreet.

I was thrilled and again I look for three years, and so I couldn't count how many brokers I have at least talked to. And MidStreet was by far the most thorough prepared brokerage company I've dealt with. And that was absolutely critical and moving forward with the business. 

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