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Video Transcription

Jackson Hewitt sold its first franchise, in 1986. Today it's the second largest tax service in the nation, responsible for preparing over 2 million returns each year. With more than 6,000 locations and strategic relationships with retailers like Sears and Walmart, franchisees have found success with the Jackson Hewitt system and Daughtry Tax Service is no exception.

 I'm Van Daughtry, franchisee owner of Jackson Hewitt Tax Service. We have 14 locations in the Greater Wilmington North Carolina area and we have six locations in the Greater Chattanooga Tennessee area. I've been with Jackson Hewitt tax service now, this is our 11th tax season and they've been a great partner. They provide a lot of support and training to allow us to do what we do and succeed.

 Jackson Hewitt has taken the guesswork out of operating a franchise, their detailed training software and support, help guide franchisees through every step of the tax preparation process.

Jackson Hewitt provides the training and support necessary to do people's taxes, it's great. Profiler is a wonderful program that walks you through many of the steps and Jackson Hewitt has a wonderful support team, there for you when you need an answer to a particular question.

This business has been a recipient of many local regional and national franchise awards. Customer retention rates exceed the national average and employees return year after year making the employee retention rate, one of the top in the region.

We have a great set of employees, very helpful, very loyal to us, most of them have been with us 10 plus years. They are well trained and they're willing to help one another, it's just a great work atmosphere that we have. We have two managers in our Wilmington area operation. They've been with us several years now and do a great job that really helped make my job a lot easier. We have one very strong manager as well in our Chattanooga area operation and she does a great job. I'm very fortunate to have them and they plan on staying.

While the business allows an owner to live wherever they choose, most locations  are in southeastern North Carolina within an hour of Wilmington. This area is home to a wide range of recreational educational and cultural opportunities. From beautiful beaches and intercoastal waterways to watching plays and exploring the historic River district, there's always something to do.

For anyone looking for a business it's been great for me in my family, it's allowed us to have time off during the summers and the fall to spend together, it's been very financially rewarding for us and the areas that our offices are located in and that we live and work in, have been great. The Greater Wilmington area has just been fantastic to us and I'd highly recommend it to anyone. This business was sold by MidStreet mergers and acquisitions. MidStreet assists business owners in valuing and selling their companies at the appropriate time for maximum value. To learn more, contact MidStreet today.

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