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I'm Van Daughtry. I'm the former owner of 20 Jackson Hewitt tax locations in North Carolina and Tennessee. I had 14 offices here in North Carolina and six in Tennessee. I was in the industry for 11 years and it was an exciting time, but I was ready for the next challenge and so I was fortunate to partner with MidStreet and they helped me sell my business.

Naturally when I consider going with MidStreet, there's the question of do I sell it myself do I go with a broker and what can I do versus what would a broker provide, and I came to the conclusion that they can do a far better job, and they did of marketing my business far and wide and the videos that they provided to write up financials, that they worked up my head holding my hand through the difficult process you know all the way guiding me through, that I probably could not have done on my own.

It was well worth the commission that I paid, and frankly all the work that they did. I feel like it far exceeded the commission that I paid and based on the value that they got to me for my business so I'm very happy with the decision I made to go to history.

MidStreet Mergers and Acquisitions is an award-winning leader in the sale of privately held lower middle market companies. MidStreet assists business owners in valuing and selling their companies at the appropriate time for maximum value to learn more contact MidStreet today.

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