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After years of work in the corporate environment, Sam and Wanda Wise relocated to North Carolina in 2005 to acquire their first business. To date, they've completed six transactions with the help of MidStreet. Listen as they comment on the recent sale of their equipment rental company, just for the beach rentals. Just for the beach rentals was a rental company that we rented equipment from kayaks, surfboards, stand-up paddle boards, baby equipment and we serviced pretty much the entire Outer Banks over our eight year span, that we owned the company.

Just for the beach rentals, we bought it and grew it little through the years and it got to the point where we felt, we were at our max because we aren't as integrated into the internet world, as what I think you need to be at this time.

So we decided to maybe just see if somebody else would like to take it to the next level. I knew it - this company needed to go to the next step and I just felt I wasn't the right person to do it. I built the company up from what my basic background was, I did a phenomenal job in that and I just felt it was the right time for me to pass it on to the next person, who has those type of knowledge to grow the business even father.

We are very happy with what we did, I don't know that if I would change anything honestly. I feel everything went well, we made good decisions and had help where we needed it along the way. You know MidStreet was always there, if we had questions on - you know what - what's the market like, is it time to sell, they helped us with that. I mean they really did so I feel confident that we did - that we made the right choices. I wouldn't change any of that, not any of it.

When it came time to sell the business the buyer that was coming in to buy just for the beach rentals, had to go through the SBA loan process and I can honestly say that MidStreet was there and guided them from start to finish and I couldn't - as a business owner selling a company, I couldn't ask for anything better.

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