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Video Transcription

Hello my name is Dr. Franklin Luke. This is River City chiropractic, we are a family wellness practice.  Located in downtown Richmond Virginia, River City chiropractic is a renowned family wellness practice that has been improving the lives of its patients for over eleven years. With more than 2,900 clients and a team of skilled staff members, this established practice is poised for a future growth. River City is the only practice in downtown Richmond, as the capital of Virginia, Richmond is home to numerous state and local government agencies, as well as major corporations including Wells Fargo, Bank of America and SunTrust Bank. These employers provide a large pool of clients with health insurance that provides coverage for chiropractic care.

So here at River City we are located within walking distance of around 50 thousand people. people rarely will miss appointments because we're able to see them over their lunch period, so it's a great time to see patients that walk over and then they go back and tell their co-workers. So it's a great and effective way of low cost marketing that we can get our message out to these businesses. In addition to referrals the practice has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy to continue finding clients in need of its services.

Most of our marketing is based on Facebook ads, internet ads but also my marking state goes out and does health talks with myself and also does health screening. So we go out to businesses and we do health and wellness lectures, we do massage and we do some step appointments so they can come in and get checked. Due to its location and clientele Ripper City generates an attractive cash flow, while operating only 28 hours per week Monday through Friday. This allows an owner to spend more time with family and explore all that Richmond and the surrounding area has to offer.

 I really have enjoyed and loved living in Richmond, it's a great outdoor areas very for active lifestyle so my wife and I we both hike, we bike, you're two hours from the ocean, you're two hours from the mountains and if you want the big city you can go to DC which is two hours away. So we are in a perfect location. From the beginning, River City has been on the cutting edge of chiropractic care, the practice offers patients the latest equipment and provides many highly effective adjustment techniques to improve spinal bio mechanics and reduce nervous system interference. In addition, River city's knowledgeable and friendly staff are trained to cross multiple disciplines, allowing them to assist with patient care and daily operations.

So here, my staff at River City chiropractic we have an A team. I have three staff members that worked and helped me with the patients. Tyrel she helps with marketing but also helps with all the new patients. Sam who is a wonderful massage therapist but I was also cross trained to do insurance and help with the front desk and Hunter, who is a personal trainer but also does mostly front desk and then of course I have an associate doctor, that helps me with the patient flow, new patients and day-to-day operations. Chronic stress and pain affects more than 100 million Americans each year, River City has built a solid reputation for providing natural pain and stress relief for its patients. Here at River City chiropractic if we're not getting a miracle story every day, something's something is going wrong. People come here for all sorts of reasons, I've seen every condition, it seems like in the book but they all stay for one simple reason ,when the body works better, their life works better. United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment for chiropractors is expected to grow 17 percent over the next 10 years, much faster than the average rate for other occupations. River City offers an established foundation with plenty of upside for a new owner. This business was sold by MidStreet mergers and acquisitions. MidStreet assists business owners in valuing and selling their companies at the appropriate time for maximum value. To learn more, contact MidStreet today. 

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