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I had up and down days, it's a big roller coaster, there's a lot of emotions involved especially when you founded the business, so yes there, there'll be a roller coaster of emotions.

I did find out throughout the whole process of selling the business, that we would run the gamut of your emotions, one day things look good. Yeah we're gonna sell on the next day. oh no it fell through, and then went back to ground, ground level and starting over again.

It can't be a roller coaster. There's a lot of bumps in the road, but you just need to, to settle in for the long haul, and give it time, and then eventually it'll sell.

Anyone that's selling, i highly recommend that they truly figure out what they're gonna do afterwards, have something else to. Go into that is directly relevant for them that they know exactly what they're gonna do that's been the hardest thing available.

You know emotionally for me, I was ready to go. So I was completely fine with the sale. Were there sometimes when frustration sets in some, because of the processes that it takes sometimes for a buyer to go through. The financing and the sellers asked to do certain things. Sure, but I always knew that was what I wanted to do. And I was comfortable with it. And you know it, it never weighed heavy on me. So to speak because I just knew it was.

One thing, I think people should know is when you do buy or sell business, you do go through of light emotions. You have to kind of work through on one by one, but our biggest emotion I think was when we sold. I mean buying going in we knew what we wanted. We knew that we were going to make a success of it. But suddenly you just it's hard sometimes a towel when it's the right time. But it ended up being a great decision. The new owner is going great. I check in on sometimes just to say hey. I get to see some people that I used to see. So I'm happy now, very happy about it. So I think it was a win-win, it really was. But it is a hard decision, It really is. But you'll know when it's right and let's go, go with your, your feelings

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