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My name is Dr. Franklin Lake. I'm the previous owner of River City chiropractic.

As a United States Marine and former high school football player, Dr. Franklin Luke was no stranger to the tale physical activity can have on the body. After returning from overseas assignments in Bosnia and Sierra Leone, he graduated from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, and went on to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College.

Then in 2006 starting from his garage, Dr. Luke founded river city chiropractic. Over the next 10 years, River City Chiropractic quickly grew to become the largest chiropractic office in downtown Richmond. Listen in as Dr. Luke comments on the recent sale of his business.

I was thinking about selling my business for the last couple years. I wanted a little more time freedom a little more flexibility my schedule with my kids be a little older. I missed a lot of events and things that I want to do with my kids so, I was thinking about a transition to a different type of business but first I had to sell the one that currently had.

I talked to my CPA just that I was thinking about it and she had a referral for mid street, which I called and I worked in Chad and he was wonderful and he helped me out and started the process and MidStreet did a great job.

They helped hold the buyers hand to get him all the paperwork and all the forms and really to work the process. I highly recommend MidStreet for selling your business buying a business they're very professional, they answer all my questions if ever I need anything they always got right back to me, and I enjoyed our experience together.

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