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Video Transcription

In 1985, North Carolina route 12 was open and towns such as Corolla, Carova, Pine Island, and Duck experienced an incredible boom in construction. Bounded on the east by the Atlantic ocean and on the west by the Caratoke sound. The area known as the northern beaches is truly unique, today hundreds of multimillion dollar vacations home, welcome millions of vacationers to the area known as the northern beaches. And help to make this one of the most desirable vacations in the country. And Distinctive Landscaping and Remodeling company has been here since the beginning.

The company was started in 1985, there has been a steady growth for all 28 years. Specifically in the last 6 years since the economy has got a little bit difficult. The largest and most profitable segment of the business is the exterior renovation and remodeling. And with home’s renting up to twenty-five thousand dollars per week, the expectations are high. People have to keep up with the challenges and the rental companies are demanding the houses to look better. Substandard construction practices and harsh environmental conditions have combined to wreak havoc on these large coastal properties.

In a sense, what you have here is Mother Nature is your salesperson. Between the storms, the salt, the corrosion and specifically the bad building practices that have gone on here, there is so much remodeling that we are at our full capacity right now. Even with the best-built properties, there will always be some sort of maintenance that needs attention. And while not the primary focus of the business, coastal storms that frequent the area provide an ongoing source of business.

We’ve seen steady growth where other competitors have not. A majority of the property owners live outside the area, primarily in the mid-Atlantic or northeast and need reputable local vendors that they can trust. Distinctive uses a wide variety of services offerings to introduce their services to these customers and maintain the long-term relationships to have with local property management companies.

One of the attributes for the company is that our clientele is primarily from the north east and they trust having a company like us here that answers to them and we have 24-hour, 7-day a week service and we’ve become the largest remodeling landscape company in the entire northern outer banks because of our excellence and the way that we handle our northern customers. 

Other offerings include, landscaping, installation and maintenance, handyman services, low-pressure chemical wash and the company is a preferred flooring contractor for several respected local suppliers. Experienced managers and employees are in place and continuing training is a large part of the business.

I have the utmost confidence in my staff, we constantly trained our employees on building practices for products such as James Hardie, Trex and CertainTeed. We’re actually the only certified company on the beach that trains our employees in order to build these houses back the way they should be. The office has been strategically located to take advantage of this unique market and Distinctive continues to be the only business physically located here.

We also are the only landscape remodeling company that is located in offices here locally in the Northern Outer Banks. Everyone else has to come from 20 miles away.

While revenues have continued to steadily grow and now exceed 3 million dollars. Thousands of aging coastal homes guarantee that there will be substantial amount of work for many years to come. With years of satisfied customers, a strong referral network and a service that is accelerating in demand, Distinctive Landscaping and Remodeling is poised for future expansion.

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