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Video Transcription

My name is Chad Barbour, was a franchise owner with Jackson Hewitt tax service, had been with him for 23 years and was at a point I'd had 18 locations in three states. It was fantastic one lasted but after 23 years I decided to exit the business. I started thinking about selling my business 3 years probably before I actually went through with it.

It was a life event really that moved that up a little bit some health issues I had, so it's a little bit earlier that I wanted but I wanted to make sure that the that the buyer was you know somebody that I trusted to move forward to kind of carry the torch. So that was definitely a consideration and I knew I wanted to to see purchasing.

The advantage of a multi-unit situation is that it's scalable. I mean that's really the reason why we went into Jackson Hewitt is scalable. It's really tough to go from one store to three stores from three stores than to five and it's tough to scale but when you buy into that already really easy to scale. We took a big leap but we did our due diligence when the time was right to make sure the financials were okay! We really loved the area that we were moving into, so it was exciting for us.

MidStreet Mergers and Acquisitions was the place for me. It was a fantastic experience, Jeff and his team did a great job. I know it doesn't happen as quickly with everybody but my business sold pretty much in about ten days, and was under contract so it was a smooth process. It was it was very easy a lot easier than I thought it was going to be quite honestly I think Jeff and those guys have been doing this for 16 years, and they have a great model set up as to how they do it, and I would highly recommend them to anybody.


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