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Knowing what I know now, about how valuations work and, how businesses were sold you know, I could have gotten more money three or four years prior. But I didn't search out that at the time.  I was happy, everything was going great. I was just kind of moving along, had I known what the value was this man happened earlier. Who knows, but I didn't seek out that.

It's actually harder, when you go to sell a business than it is to buy a business. And I know that may not sound right to you, but through our experience that we had of selling to companies. The pre-planning, it is so crucial to be successful, and continue to be successful you know once you do sell your company.

Getting ready to sell is probably the most difficult part of it all. There's all kinds of little housekeeping things you need to do. Which is going to take you a little time, you can't do it overnight. We'd found some stuff in our corporate books, it just hadn't been updated. You know for us it took a couple of months to get that done. And after we did it, we were like hands you know we've been talking about getting this done in the last five years, but we just procrastinate it. But that's one thing you, you would definitely want to do is get your house in order.

If I had to do this all over again, I would have probably met with Jeff and mid street a little earlier just to start educating myself. You know getting myself ready, more prepared that sort of thing. I think it's good because you can speak with Jeff in mid street. No cost, no obligation. Learn about where the process is headed long before the process actually starts, and that way you're ready. And it's that's your level of expectations what's to come.

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