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At Crystal carpets, what we do is, we find incredible values for clients, we find the right products, the diversified selection that's going to fit what they're looking for, and If they need it installed we're going to provide installation that is top class and take care of people, make people glad that they came to us and trusted us for such a big project a big part of their home.

My name is Chad Garner, I own crystal carpets and flooring company. We're located at 5746, Oleander Dr. in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Crystal carpets was founded in 1993. I just literally woke up and said I'm going to start selling carpeting. It sounds absolutely insane, but I had never been in a flooring store before. I was 23 years old, so you know, more brawn and less brain. But, I dove into it. It's really worked out worked out well, I'm very proud of where it's come to and from where to come from. Our primary source of business is re-flooring residential homes, and working directly with the residential client.

We are not a provider to track builders, we're not the bargain basement even though we have some of the absolute best values. We do some new construction, we generally deal with custom home builders, smaller builders that might build a couple of houses maybe up to 10 or 15. We also again do quite a bit of cash and carry and gotten fairly known for great inventory and great deals.

How our customers find us is, one, our reputation has been stellar for 28 years. We have one of the strongest marketing presences on the web, we generally come up very high on the top when you search our flooring or if something that relates to us, but we have invested month, year and year after year with a good marketing firm to do that. Our sales staff, they're incentivized based on their performance. That really comes down to the profit levels they create. We got several, two, three of them that are six figure earners and those individuals are bringing a lot of great business into the company.

Wilmington is an outstanding place to call home. It's got a good culture. There's always lots going on, events festivals, the boating life is just amazing. The growth in our area, the desire to be in this area is huge, but Wilmington is just great. If you like golf, you like to fish. You like to see the history of things. This is a great town.

I guess it's been 28 years doing the business. I feel like I've accomplished what I wanted to with it. I'm not a young kid anymore. No one's come in look then said, “wow, you're so young.”

But, I think if I really think about it with my values changing I want to spend more time with my kids, they're at a age that I really want to invest more time in them and ready for something new something different and get into some new passions and some new things that maybe have a little less demand only. More time for kids, more time for surf.

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