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The Outer Banks of North Carolina is a 200-mile string of barrier islands filled with unspoiled beaches,
multi-million-dollar vacation homes, and has long been known as one of the country's best resort areas.

Long before it became a tourist destination, fisherman flocked to the area in search of one thing: world class fishing. Several records have come from these waters and the area is well known as the billfish capital of the world.

But as popular as it's been, fishing here has reached a whole new level. Every week, the hit show Wicked Tuna brings the Outer Banks into living rooms across the country. The same amazing fishing that drew visitors as far back as the 1920s remains. But today over 7 million people visit the Outer Banks.

Whether fishing from the surf, dropping a line from one of the mini piers, or taking a charter to the Gulf stream, there's opportunity for everyone. And one company is known as the place to go for fishing supplies on the Outer Banks- TW’s Bait
and Tackle.

My name is Terry Stewart and I own TW’s Bait and Tackle on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I opened in 1981 and this is my 40th year in business.

The Outer Banks is known as a world class fishing location. We have fishermen come here from all over the world to catch our marlin and to catch our giant bluefin tuna, or to catch our speckled trout. We have just tremendous a variety of fishing here available in the Outer Banks.

With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, 20,000 followers, and four million visits to the daily fishing report, TW’s reputation is truly outstanding.

Welcome to TW’s- this is the best place to come get the best bait, the best rods, the best reels, and the best prices.

Over the years, we've seen a lot of tackle shops come and go. But lately, we haven't had to worry too much about competition because we are the big dog on the beach, and we would be very tough competition because we have a huge inventory. We have very competitive pricing. We can compete with the big box stores if need be because of our buying groups.

We have great employees, very knowledgeable employees, many have been with me for over 20 years.
They all love to fish. They know a tremendous amount about tackle and gear, and how to rig somebody up. They enjoy their work. And I could not be here without them.

Brands like Penn, Shimano, Shakespeare, and Yeti provide customers with top of the line equipment. And anglers can find everything from beer, ice, and bait to sunglasses and beach chairs.

Well our number one selling feature is fishing tackle but other than that we sell an awful lot of clothing.
We have our custom t-shirt line that we sell lots of. We have a lot of other clothing that goes along with it (including) Columbia, Pelagic, AFTCO, and Drake.

Over the last 40 years TW’s has continued to grow and invest back into the business, and it shows, 2019 was the best year yet. Our business has steadily grown, it’s sort of amazed us. We are just busier and busier every year.

And in 2019 was our busiest year ever, we did over 5 million.

So, in the year 2006 we built our brand new 7,500 square foot building, which we're in now. It’s a beautiful building that everybody compliments us on. And we almost outgrew it to the point of not being able to stock enough merchandise. So, in the winter of 2017 we built this warehouse, which is a 4,500 square foot warehouse. It's right behind the store, so it's very accessible- and it has been a tremendous benefit to us.

We updated all our software and all of our equipment: scanners, registers, and server. We updated everything brand new, which has been a huge benefit to us with our inventory. This is a rare opportunity in one of the country's most desirable areas- living on the Outer Banks, it’s just a wonderful lifestyle.

We've done a lot of traveling but being back home here on the ocean and all, on the beaches with all the fishing. We have no better place in the country to live that I've ever seen.

TW’s has been a great business. We have growing every year, this being our 40th year.
There's no telling how much more this business can grow with a new owner and new effort. A new owner would have new energy and new enthusiasm. He wouldn't be 66 years old, and he could carry this company to the next level.

It's here, it's available and you get to live in heaven.

Contact MidStreet today to learn more about this exciting business opportunity.

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