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Scott: What sets CSM apart from other manufacturers is the type of work that we do, nobody else really wants to do. The tolerances that we hold are extremely tight. We consider ourselves a high-end machine shop.

My name is Scott, I'm one of the owners of CSM manufacturing here in Graham North Carolina. My primary responsibility here is quality assurance and quoting of work.

Richard: My name is Richard Shevlin. I am part owner of CSM manufacturing. I work with Scott every day on processes to create a quality part for our customers.

Scott: Our primary customers here is the aggregate industry, the automotive industry and the precision workholding industry. We're also a second tier supplier to the military, which means that we don't supply directly to the military, we supply through corporations that do supply directly to the military.

Richard: We manufacture components that go in the bottom of submarines. But, once they're installed, they never come back out. We manufacture things for the mining industry that go miles below the surface. So, you know you have people's safety, and their livelihoods in your hands producing good quality parts.

What makes us special is the fact that we have set people in place to set us apart from others. We're not a two man shop, we spend an enormous amount of time where some people may not. But, what we do is, we invest in our people. We have a long-standing crew of dedicated employees who have been with us through thick and thin, they work long, tireless hours to help us maintain our customer’s requirements and meet our schedule for our customers.

Scott: Our employees will actually volunteer to come in on Saturday, sometimes. Then we do training classes to get in blueprint reading, which is a primary concern because everything starts from the blueprint, the better they understand the blueprint, the better, they'll understand the process that we create, when we manufacture the product.

Richard: So, our equipment it CSM manufacturing is a mix of older technology and newer technology. We just added some equipment brand new this year. We have used the older technology for the components that it fits best. Those machines are more than capable of maintaining tolerance, quality and production levels that are required by our customers.

Scott: The reason for selling is to put the company in a position for longevity. We would like to be able to hand this company off someone who's got a lot of energy that could keep this company running for a lot longer than we possibly could. It would be nice to have someone come in that's either younger, or maybe someone come in as a family member that's younger or that would want to keep it running. But, our objective is to see our employees employed here for a long period of time.

Richard: This gives you a great opportunity to do manufacturing at one of its highest levels on a personal level to where you have control of processes that have been in place for over 30 years. We're setting the company up with young people and good equipment. With the right energetic person to can go out. There is plenty of work today. And the foundation is here. You have your equipment, you have your people, you have your processes, it is a great start for the future.

Speaker 3: Come contact MidStreet today for more information on this exciting business opportunity.

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