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The first few years of business was shoulder to the grindstone, head down running and really I hate to admit it but not looking at the profit and lost that much. I was just dedicated day after day after day long days, in just getting the business up and going, so I kind of had blinders on and I think that actually helped.

I'm Scott Griffin, I recently sold my business Benchmark Network Solutions, we were a networking integration, systems integration and cabling contractor in the network and telecommunications industry.

I'd have health problems for most of my life, I began to really consider what am I going to do next if I have to retire and I reached a point last year where I knew it was time, I had my heart and soul in it for 22 years it's hard to even imagine selling the company, but I knew realistically it was something I needed to do.

The process was new to me, I certainly didn't have any anticipation for what was going to be required to sell the business, I had never done this before but as soon as I got to meet Jeff and his team, I felt comfortable right off the start and it's a complicated journey looking back on it now but I was definitely in the right hands and they took care of me and the sale of the business.

The advice I would have is to trust in the process and Trust MidStreet and their team, having done that I felt it made things a lot smoother for me and one thing that I really appreciated about Jeff's group is they worked with the buyer closely, always keeping my interest in mind as well, so I felt like he did a great job for both parties. I could not imagine it being done any more professionally or any better.

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