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Mike and Kathy Wiechec dedicated over 13 years to growing their business. They took great pride in nurturing their young employees and had an active role in supporting the community. A devotion to hard work, enthusiasm and outstanding customer service, helped make kill devils frozen custard one of the most recognized names on the Outer Banks. The business had become a large part of their lives. When it came time to sell, finding the perfect buyer was their highest priority.

A hard thing about deciding to sell the business was knowing that we are going to step out of the box, that we've been doing for the past almost 13 years and start a new adventure. The buyer for the business was very important for me. We do have a lot of teenagers and you know we just really wanted someone who was gonna fit in there and just take that business to the next level and we really feel like Duane and Michele are gonna take it to the next level. We expect them to do better and to improve on what we built.

About 12 years ago we took our first family vacation to the Outer Banks and we stayed not far from where we're sitting right now here at kill Devils. We made it a kind of a routine tradition for our family, every year on our family vacation, kill Devils was on the list of things, usually at the top of the list of places to visit and so the opportunity to buy the restaurant was really something that was intriguing to us. I was with Outback Steakhouse for almost 15 years, being from that corporate background and being in those big-name restaurants. There was a lot of success, there was a lot of enjoyment, recognition, I should say bestowed upon our restaurant but it wasn't enough to overcome this burning desire need to just go out on my own.

He wasn't happy in the corporate world anymore, so if this opportunity became available I just said we'll go for it. We are excited, I'm excited, we put a lot of work in to get to where we are right now and so I want to start seeing some of the benefits of that work. We have full confidence in the new buyers that they're gonna do as well and even better than we did and we really truly believe that. It was just a good fit and we felt like that Jeff at Mid Street also saw that and we thought that was really good because you don't always get that personal thing going on, sometimes it's all about the money and we never ever felt like it was all about the money with MidStreet.

 I'm ready to have some fun ready to turn the music up and really have a good time with the staff, the teammates, with Michelle, with our kids. I want our oldest kids to come down here and really see what's going on and want her sister or her husband to fly out and visit, her parents. I want everybody to see this amazing opportunity I meant to be as excited about, it as we are but yeah we're ready already.


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