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Midway between Raleigh and Richmond you'll find Lake Gaston. Surrounded by beautiful homes and rolling hills. This is a Boater’s paradise, and catering to the locals and thousands of vacationers that frequent the area is Poplar Pointe Marine.

Specializing in boat sales and service, Poplar Pointe has exclusive territory rights to brands like Nautique, Chaparral, Moomba, Aqua Patio, Sweetwater and Sanpan. Demand for new and used boats is high and the business continues to outsell its competition year after year.

Poplar Pointe Marine has been voted five years running the best place to buy a boat. And we feel like a lot of it's to do with our people but it's also a lot to do with the type boats we sell and the brands we are licensed to sell. When you Google Sweetwater, Aqua Patio, Nautique or Moomba you're going to find high CSI scores for the Moomba brand, five years running. Nautique, best boat of the year. So we've got the great brands.

The sales department is led by an experienced sales manager who has been with the business since its founding. The sales manager is responsible for guiding customers through the sales process, ordering inventory, following up with potential leads and reporting sales on a quarterly basis.

We also do on site finance and which brings in quite a bit of revenue on the backside of the deals which is pretty good money.

With more than 15,000 registered boats in the area there's a high demand for maintenance and repair.

The lake is doing nothing but growing with 350 miles shoreline it's only 60% developed. So, there's going to be additional people moving in up here additional boats with a demand for more boats. Obviously they break down and need more service. So we feel like that's a big area where we can grow this business.

Poplar Pointe's maintenance department is known for its quality service and repair work and their skilled crew of technicians stay busy year round.

We have two master technicians who are Mercruiser, Yamaha and Suzuki certified. We also have three additional technicians in the back who do minor repairs and also gel coat, restoration and cleaning. So, that is our service department.

Sales and Service comprise the two largest revenue streams but the owner has added additional services to increase profits and attract more customers.

Boat rentals continue to grow each year as do the sale of accessories such as wakeboards tubes and life vests. The recently expanded gas docks have boosted gas sales and increased foot traffic to the business. And the newly constructed restaurant and bar, “Shady Shack Grill” continues to draw large crowds every weekend.

Shady Shack is a local favorite of course, it has done nothing but grown since we've established it. It has been a great addition for us and the community and it draws a lot of traffic here to the marina

And more traffic is great news for boat sales.

I would attribute five to seven boats a year because of the Shady Shack, and some accessories and tubes. All the things you do on the water..

The success of poplar point can be largely attributed to its location and the demand for it services. But, experienced employees are what truly set this business apart.

We do have good employees. We have a sales counter that is devoted to service only and parks. We also have an awesome manager that sits in the F&I, which is finance on sales in boats also have up to 22 to 25 employees down on the waterfront, in the summer operations during when the Shady Shack is open.

This growing business offers an exciting lifestyle and the opportunity to make a great living on one of the most beautiful lakes in the country.

If you dream of lake life, live on Lake Gaston.

Contact MidStreet today, for more information about this exciting business opportunity

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